Home Blood Draws

Home Blood Draws
It is important to get basic blood work done regularly, to make sure that the issue if any is found before it becomes a major problem. Our home blood draw services include a number of different blood tests which are collected by reliable and experienced phlebotomists keeping in mind your safety. Getting a blood test at home makes it a lot easier for the patient as well and has many advantages.
Patient’s expectation and how we meet those
Any day patients seeking such a facility would expect a pleasant and comfortable experience, where the person would be skilled and have knowledge in the subject and perform skillfully. People opting for such a facility would definitely want to avoid any hassle and get the procedure done at ease.

We are committed to providing our patients with the best experience and maintaining accuracy in the whole process. We even believe in delivering on-time reports without delay, we always prioritize being healthy and make our patients comfortable.


With Home blood collection, patients living far from diagnostic centers don’t have to travel to get their blood work done.

Comfort and Convenience

Our Phlebotomists can collect precise samples of blood at the comfort of your home at your convenient time


Our Home blood draw services promote safety for the patients as they don’t need to visit a health facility for blood collection or testing.

How does it work?
When you schedule an appointment to have your blood work done, one of our phlebotomists will visit your home or office to collect the blood specimen at your convenience. After collecting the specimen, we will deliver it to the laboratory for testing.

To perform a blood test, our phlebotomists:

  • - Cleans the area on your arm where they’ll draw the blood from.
  • - Ties a rubber band to your upper arm to help make your veins more visible.
  • - Puts a needle attached to a tube gently into a vein to draw blood.
  • - Removes the needle from the skin and takes the rubber band off your arm when the collection is complete.
  • - Covers the drawing site with a bandage or clean cotton and medical tape.
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You will need to provide information about yourself, including name, phone number, address, date of birth, and payment information to the phlebotomist. Also, you need to provide the prescription prescribed by your physician.

Our home blood draw service is a fast, easy and convenient way to get your blood tested from the privacy of your home. Just give us a call to take control of your health today.